Families Farming


Brothers in Business

Two brothers, Oliver and Winfield started a venture together of farming in western Saline County during the 1950s consisting of 2,480 acres and finishing about 1,500 head of cattle annually. Such a feat was considered as "tradition breakers" as they were honored in 1967 as the Missouri  National  Beef Feeder Award. 

Adding Partners

When Winfield's daughter got married, he invited his son-in-law, Sam to join in the partnership thus forming Marshall and Fenner Farms. Later joined by Winfield's sons, Scott and Oliver, the 2nd generation started their legacy on the Farm. 

The 3rd Generation

Grandson's of Winfield came along, worked on the farm as they grew up, went to college (all majoring in an agriculture related field) then returned home to carry on the Marshall and Fenner Farms as 3rd Generation Farmers of the land. 

The Next Generation

The Next Generation is at the Farm on a regular basis, as much as they are able to, learning from their Dad's and Grandpa's wealth of knowledge and know-how. The best lessons are learned hands-on, even the tough life lessons that are learned on the Farm.