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24278 Saline Hwy 127

Malta Bend, MO 65339

Phone: 660.538.4605

E-mail: marshallfenner@myturbonet.com

The Marshall and Fenner Farm started with the purchase of land between two brothers, starting the Marshall Bros. Farm.

With children and the addition of spouses, the development of a partnership occurred becoming the Marshall and Fenner Farms.

Now, with what Grandpa Winfield and Uncle Oliver started, the Marshall and Fenner Farms is a 3rd generation diversified agricultural farm raising three types of crops and a full cattle operation.

The operation consists of row crops (seed soybeans, corn, and wheat) and a purebred and commercial cattle operation including cow/calf and a feedlot production system.


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Malta Bend, Missouri

The Marshall Brothers were featured in the Feedlot Magazine in the 1960s.

The Feed plant at Marshall and Fenner Farms, still in use today,  was featured in the Feedlot Magazine issue of January 1967.